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 Cool Online Gamers Official Rules

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PostSubject: Cool Online Gamers Official Rules   Tue May 27, 2008 7:23 am

Rules of Cool Online Gamers

Once you become a registered user of our forum's you immediately agree to the following term's and condition's, if you do not agree. We suggest you take it up with the staff.

We have give these rule's to help the community stay clean and safe environment for all user's to participate in without having to worry about harassment. Breaching of the rule's will be looked down upon and will warn you if you if it's your first rule broken. Other punishment's will follow.

If you feel you have been punished unfairly, please contact an Administrator.


-You may and will not spam repetitive messages, advertisements or anything alike. Spamming on the board's also includes making pointless and unneeded posts (Usually taken place to achieve a higher rank), as deemed so by COG Moderating team.

-You in condition in registering, agree not to spam or advertise your's/another Website/Forum with the same genre as Logical Gamer's. This is STRICTLY forbidden. Anyone caught advertising without the permission of COG staff we will suspend you for a certain amount of time decided upon by the Staff) Do not double-post. If you want to add to a previous reply, use the button. If you post twice by mistake, use the button again to delete a post.

2 - User Manners

-When you submit a post to Cool Online Gamer's we ask of you to Keep everything you are posting in a nice and friendly context chat and not to go off topic.

-You will not support racial hatred slur's. Regardless if it is directed at a certain person or not. Racist comments are not tolerated at all.

3 - FlamingMembers

-Must be polite when posting at all times. If you disagree with one member's point, or disagree with their post, kindly tell them what you disagree on. Your post must never make another member feel abused. This means you may not flame another member. Avoid using bad and explicit language as it will result in the situation escalating. Please use the report function if you feel you have been abused by another forum user.

4 - Thread Hijacking

-Posting in a thread is like buying a piece of bread, if another user buys that piece of bread they own it. Hijacking their piece of bread means you are taking something they own out of their hands and turning it into your own. Bringing an axe into the user's peice of bread means you are taking their topic to something completely off topic. And will result in it being closed because you Brought something that was irrelevant to the topic.

5 - Illegal Content

-We as a forum and a community must and will follow the US state laws and regulations. Posting anything illegal will result in immediate ban. If you have any doubts regarding what is illegal, ask a member of staff before posting. For the record, this includes, but is not limited to; Cracks, Warez, Keylogging, Viruses, Trojans and Backdoors

6 - Adult Orientated Material

-CoolOnlineGamers.darkbb.com is not permitted to host or display content including images deemed as Adult or R rated. Therefore member's are to keep this Strictly off the forum.

7 - Plagiarizing

-If you submit a peice of work be it Programs/Tutorials/Program code/Graphics etc which you did not make, we strongly advise not to submit it to the forum. Unless you have got permission from the creator to post it up (We will do random checks to see if you are lieing to us or not) Even when you do post a topic for whatever it may be, You are still required to link back to the original post of what it may be and give credit to who created it.

8 - Leaking

-With any type of rank given, a forum area is provided. Private information must not leave that area and be given to any member who doesn't have the permission masks to see it. CoolOnlineGamers does not tolerate those who leak confidential information, and a demotion or warning will be given to those who do.

9- Sharing accounts/Unauthorized access of another members account

-Any account created at LogicalGamers Will be only accessible for ONE person only. Anyone who wants to be a member of Logical gamer's will sign up for their own account. Giving access to your account to a banned member will result in you being banned. If you are a banned member and you created another account, you ban will be prolonged and added to your current Ban length. We know if two different people are using one account, so don't think you can get away with it.

10 - Advertising

-Advertising or linking to a website with similar genre as CoolOnlineGamers is against the rules. Exceptions can only be made with permission sought from an Administrator.


If you come across a post or thread that violates any of the rules entitled above, please report it to the COG staff.

We reserve the right to modify the rules entitled above at any time without given notice.

Thank you. cheers
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Cool Online Gamers Official Rules
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